Dr. Palayakotai (P.R.) Raghavan – The scientist behind the patented formula in Nano-Ojas®


Dr. P.R. Raghavan brings nearly four decades of progressive professional experience in the field of biochemistry, including more than 25 years spent working on drug discovery at Columbia University, Max Planck Institute (Germany), Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis), and Boehringer Ingelheim. His career began as a Research Scientist in New Delhi during the early 1980s, eventually moving to the United States a short time later to pursue work in drug metabolism as a Senior Scientist and Principal Scientist in New York and Connecticut, respectively. Prior to becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Nanorx, Inc., Dr. Raghavan spent 11 years in a CEO capacity with MCR Pharmaceutical Inc. in New York, where he held a trade secret catalyst capable of, in a single step, converting vegetable-derived or fatty acids oil in methanol water mixtures into biodiesel – a product currently available for license.

Dr. Raghavan earned a Master of Science degree in Chemistry at I.I.T. in Mumbai, India, later completing a doctoral program at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, where he earned a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 1979. He went on to complete postdoctoral programs in Synthetic Photochemistry and Natural Product Synthesis. Dr. Raghavan holds U.S. and international patents or Metadichol®, including numerous pending patents with planned roll-outs in the near-future. Further research by Dr. Raghavan can be found under the NANOSCIENCE tab.

Tinny S. Srinivasan, President


Tinny S. Srinivasan brings a 40-year career in the electrical and aerospace engineering and technology sectors. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Tinitron, Inc. – an Inc. 500 company located in Hillsboro, Oregon – which has earned recognition as one of the country’s fastest-growing manufacturing businesses. He gained training under various contractors of the European Space Agency including VFW Fokker-Erno, SAFT, Derritron Electronics, Motorola Military and Aerospace Electronics, RCA Avionics, and others. He developed a power processing concept that led to an award by the U.S. Department of Energy under the Energy Related Invention Program.

Tinny has outstanding achievement pioneering innovation and delivering complex technology products and solutions.  And during his formative career, he co-founded a school for the deaf, run by the Society for the Research and Rehabilitation of the Handicapped. In 1977, he also helped build a naturopathic hospital. Not only a philanthropist and a strong supporter of the community, Tinny is an enthusiastic entrepreneurial-minded engineer who enjoys finding ways to solve global problems relating to health, logistics, commerce, and the environment. 


Nithasha S. Koukoumanos, Vice President


Nithasha Koukoumanos graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and Behavioral Science from Oregon State University, and earned a Master’s degree in Teaching with a Special Education emphasis from Pacific University. She taught in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District’s special education programs for over eight years. After completing her Masters, she soon took on a leading role as Special Educator for elementary-aged children with behavioral and emotional disorders in a self-contained classroom. Later, she worked in a self-contained communication resource room for students with high-functioning autism and communication disorders.

Once nearly immobile from accident and suffering from an overwhelmed immune system, she has since found a number of helpful remedies. From Ayurvedic medicine and chiropractic care to strict nutritional protocols and other natural medicines, she has finally discovered what serves her best. And now, her life’s work is about helping people actively participate in their own self-care to find peace and healing.